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California Court Holds That Individual Members of an LLC Can Be Personally Liable for Debts of a Dissolved LLC Under Certain Conditions

The case of CB Richard Ellis, Inc. v. Terra Nostra Consultants has important implications for anyone seeking to collect on a judgment against the individual members of an LLC that has no assets, that has been dissolved, and that was unable … Continue reading

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California Court of Appeal Rules on Homeless Campers’ Challenge to Sacramento’s “Anti-Camping” Ordinance

Three weeks ago I blogged about Allen v. City of Sacramento, a case in which several homeless people challenged a Sacramento city ordinance that prohibits camping on private or public property, commonly known as Sacramento’s “anti-camping ordinance.” As explained in my prior posting, … Continue reading

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Trio of California Bills Aims to Curb ADA Lawsuits Against Small Businesses

Back in July of 2013, I blogged about the passage and implementation of California Senate Bill SB-1186, a bill intended to curb abusive lawsuits based on the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). In that article, I chronicled some infamous … Continue reading

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Lawsuit Against Homeless Camping Ordinance in Sacramento Raises Important Questions about Private Property Rights

A recent article in the Sacramento Bee addresses a fascinating and important issue: Should homeless people have a right to camp on public or private property (with the consent of the owner) in the city of Sacramento? As the article … Continue reading

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Recent Case Clarifies Standard of Accuracy for Descriptions of Real Property by Seller’s Broker in MLS

A case from March of 2014, Saffie v. Schmeling (2014) 224 Cal. App. 4th 563, clarifies the duties of an agent in accurately describing real property in a multiple listing service (MLS). The case is notable in that it is … Continue reading

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NYC Pushing for Right to Counsel for Poor Tenants in Housing Court

A recent article in the New York Times highlights efforts to provide court-appointed counsel in New York City’s bustling and befuddling “Housing Court.” Democratic Councilman Mark D. Levine has sponsored “[a]n act to amend the administrative code of the city of New … Continue reading

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A Pair of Recent California Cases Expands Borrowers’ Remedies for Negligent Handling of Loan Modifications and Wrongful Foreclosure

Alvarez v. BAC Home Loans Servicing, L.P. (2014) 228 Cal. App. 4th 941 Plaintiffs Arnulfo and Consuelo Alvarez and Enrique and Ofelia De Haro sued their lenders, BAC Home Loans Servicing, L.P., Bank of America, N.A., and ReconTrust Company, N.A. … Continue reading

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