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An Overview of Current Perspectives Concerning California’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Act

I recently attended a two-day seminar entitled Groundwater Regulation and Management in California which involved a comprehensive review of California’s new Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA). The conference was heavily attended by a number of interested stakeholders, including the heads … Continue reading

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California Court Holds That Individual Members of an LLC Can Be Personally Liable for Debts of a Dissolved LLC Under Certain Conditions

The case of CB Richard Ellis, Inc. v. Terra Nostra Consultants has important implications for anyone seeking to collect on a judgment against the individual members of an LLC that has no assets, that has been dissolved, and that was unable … Continue reading

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California Court of Appeal Rules on Homeless Campers’ Challenge to Sacramento’s “Anti-Camping” Ordinance

Three weeks ago I blogged about Allen v. City of Sacramento, a case in which several homeless people challenged a Sacramento city ordinance that prohibits camping on private or public property, commonly known as Sacramento’s “anti-camping ordinance.” As explained in my prior posting, … Continue reading

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Trio of California Bills Aims to Curb ADA Lawsuits Against Small Businesses

Back in July of 2013, I blogged about the passage and implementation of California Senate Bill SB-1186, a bill intended to curb abusive lawsuits based on the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). In that article, I chronicled some infamous … Continue reading

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Lawsuit Against Homeless Camping Ordinance in Sacramento Raises Important Questions about Private Property Rights

A recent article in the Sacramento Bee addresses a fascinating and important issue: Should homeless people have a right to camp on public or private property (with the consent of the owner) in the city of Sacramento? As the article … Continue reading

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Recent Case Clarifies Standard of Accuracy for Descriptions of Real Property by Seller’s Broker in MLS

A case from March of 2014, Saffie v. Schmeling (2014) 224 Cal. App. 4th 563, clarifies the duties of an agent in accurately describing real property in a multiple listing service (MLS). The case is notable in that it is … Continue reading

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NYC Pushing for Right to Counsel for Poor Tenants in Housing Court

A recent article in the New York Times highlights efforts to provide court-appointed counsel in New York City’s bustling and befuddling “Housing Court.” Democratic Councilman Mark D. Levine has sponsored “[a]n act to amend the administrative code of the city of New … Continue reading

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